Delray Beach Hair Transplant Center is a best in class hair transplant surgery / hair restoration practice in South Florida. Unlike most hair transplant doctors or hair restoration centers, our hair transplants are only performed by Ivy League educated board certified plastic surgeons who are hair loss specialists. Our acclaimed hair restoration technique “The Plastic Surgery Dove Tail Closure” developed by our Founder, Dr. Thomas Tzikas, is virtually unmatched in hair restoration for its ability to leave an imperceptible scar. With over 30+ years of experience, thousands of hair transplants performed, and unrivaled credentials (including being a pioneer in the hair transplant surgical procedure in Palm Beach County) the Delray Beach Hair Transplant Center is simply the premier destination for hair restoration in both men and women who are experiencing hair loss.

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We are proud to inform our patients that we offer the least invasive hair transplant restoration surgery available on the market. This means virtually no pain, no stitches and no scars, just 100% natural results, meaning you can enjoy your own hair, for life.

“I’d been worried about my hair loss for a couple of years and anxious about how to move forward. From the moment I first made inquiries at the Hair Transplant Center of Delray Beach through post surgical follow-up the team there were superb. They were reassuring, realistic and highly professional. I have hair now and no scars. This was the best decision I made for me – definitely a major confidence booster.”~ Google

Delray Beach Hair Transplant Center is one of THE FIRST hair loss specialists in Florida to offer SmartGraft™ FUE hair transplants. SmartGraft is quickly becoming the “gold standard”  for hair transplants over the traditional “strip method” because of its minimally invasive technique without linear scar.


Our internationally renowned FUE hair transplant technique the “Plastic Surgery Dove Tail Closure” is virtually unmatched in hair restoration for its ability to leave an almost scar free donor area. FUE hair transplants restores hair to thinning or bald areas of the scalp (in both men and women)  using the patient’s own hair. Our hair transplants are virtually indistinguishable even by professional hairdressers.


With follicular unit hair transplants, a small section of tissue is removed from the donor area and is broken down under magnification. This is where our best in class hair transplant surgeons show their true artistry. With the FUT hair transplant procedure, a strip of scalp containing the donor hair is surgically removed from the back of the head. This is also the reason why FUT is referred to as the “strip method.”


People who are very bald and have been wearing a hair piece for a few years may not be candidates  for FUE or FUT hair transplants alone. These patients can undergo a combined hair restoration system procedure using customized state of the art natural hair pieces to cover the larger spots over the scalp and recreate a natural hairline via FUE surgery to achieve the look you desire. The results are exceptional, natural appearing hair.

Hairline Advancement

Our hair loss specialists are board certified plastic surgeons and have extensive experience in lowering frontal hairlines (also called hairline advancement surgery) in both men and women. You will receive the very best in artistry, quality, and value because of our individualized treatment plans, attention to detail, and impeccable reputation and credentials.

Scalp Reduction

Our hair transplant specialists offer scalp reduction surgery. Scalp reduction is a surgical treatment to remove parts of the scalp that is affected by alopecia (baldness), the purpose of a scalp reduction is to reduce the overall area of bald skin. A FUE or FUT hair transplant is performed as a compliment to this procedure for the best result possible.

Micro-Needeling & PRP

Micro-Needeling & PRP is a state-of-the-procedure that can be used for  hair restoration. When used with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), micro-needeling (a non surgical procedure) can stimulate a renewed blood supply and furnish proper nutrients to deprived hair follicles, which can work to restore your hair growth process – without surgery. The results are remarkable.

We take immense pride in what we do, and more importantly, how we do it. We apply the latest, most advanced innovations in hair transplant technology to give our patients, healthy and natural looking hair that makes them look and feel great. Our flagship technique the “Plastic Surgery Dove Tail Closure” developed by Dr. Tzikas is virtually unmatched in hair restoration for its ability to leave an almost scar free donor area (area in the back of the head where hair is removed for implantation). This hair transplant technique eliminates the use of scalpels and stitches as well as the pain and scarring normally associated with hair transplant surgeries. Once we have implemented the procedure, new hair will continue to grow naturally, and best of all, is that this will happen for life. The implanted hairs also have a 97% chance of survival, delivering maximum results with minimal discomfort.

Please note: Delray Beach Hair Transplant Center performs hair transplant surgery / hair restorations surgery not only on patients from around Palm Beach County but from throughout South Florida and the world. Please follow the following links for accurate directions: Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Out of State.

Your hair transplant / hair restoration surgery is only performed by our best in class Ivy League educated board certified plastic surgeons who are hair loss specialists. The hair transplant specialists of Delray Beach Hair Transplant Center are trained to the highest possible standards in plastic surgery and hair restoration techniques. Our patients not only trust our professional judgement and extensive experience, they feel cared for as individuals.  Dr. Miguel Mascaró & Dr. Thomas Tzikas are sensitive and caring hair transplant specialists who will meet with you personally at your consultations and explain in detail what can be achieved by hair restoration and what you can expect before, during and after surgery. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation at our Palm Beach practice please feel free to contact us.

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